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Februar 7th, 2018

FABRIC Talks February 8 to 10: Park Fiction, ExRotaprint, Casa Gallina & SAK Lörrach

MAKING CITY  Hurry to Lörrach near Basel for the exciting FABRIC-Talkshows: Park Fiction from Hamburg, ExRotaprint from Berlin, the Lörrach SAK and the Casa Gallina from Mexico present their…

November 7th, 2017

The FABRIC Talkshows / English

What if cities were not designed by a few but by the many? In 2018 FABRIC is organizing an intensive production of desires for 13,000 sqm grounds owned by…

August 24th, 2017

African Damask and a Construction Fence: Margit Czenki sets the stage for FABRIC

Artist Margit Czenki has started work on an unusual construction fence in Lörrach. Weaving together the local and the global, her subtle, yet gigantic work contains a secret message.